December 29, 2006

New Toy

Posted in photography at 3:23 pm by Mike Milinkovich

Meet my new toy, the Nikon D80. I’ve been wanting to get a really nice digital SLR for a very very long time. At least a couple of years, for all of the very same reasons as Ken. With all of the options available for it, and the 10Mpix image size, this could very well be the last camera I ever buy.

I’ve really just started playing around with it. But I am already completely blown away by the quality of the design. So many options. So much control. But with such a carefully thought out user interface that you don’t feel overwhelmed by it. The folks at Nikon clearly spent some quality time thinking about how to build this.

Nikon D80



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  2. visualight said,

    it`s very nice cam. I`ve the same one since nearly two month and I love it! the handling, the manner, how you can make pictures with it, nearly everything is really exciting. I miss only one thing on the cam – something like a stabilisor like in the Pentax K10D or K100D……


  3. Michael Milinkovich said,


    If you’re interested in image stabilization (I think that’s what you mean), apparently the lense to get is this one:

  4. Ken Walker said,

    Ya, I’ve been really happy with mine. I lucked into the 18-200 VR lens on a newsgroup sale. I sold the kit lens I got with it to Duimovich who also got the D80. And Jeem also got a D80. Crazy… I’ve taked some great photos of the kids or relatives kids. The ability to shoot in natural light vs. always have to use a flash with a point and shoot. For travelling it’s going to be big and heavy however. I’m about to go to JavaOne and San Diego so we’ll see how it works out.

  5. Michael Milinkovich said,


    Yep, D80 happiness all around. It is pretty darn funny how we all ended up with the same camera. (Of course Bjorn had to go whole hog and get a D100.)

    Susan got Ralph the 18-200 VR for his birthday and he’s pretty happy with it. Me, I’ve been learning to play with the flash 🙂

    I dragged my D80 to Germany and Istanbul, so you’re not going to get much sympathy from me next week at J1. It’s really not bad if you get a good backpack style bag for it.

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