January 3, 2007

Intrepid Exploring

Posted in cottage, family at 12:09 am by Mike Milinkovich

Every year when we have our Christmas break at the cottage the boys and I go “intrepid exploring” into the trails in the land behind us. Nick is getting too old for this kinda action, so just Ben and I went this year. What a hike!

In past years we’ve slogged through snow or actually snowshoed. This year the ground was mostly frozen, and there was no snow to speak of. Much easier for walking.

Take a look below at the path we walked. (You can check out the satellite photo for greater perspective.) This was the first time we made it all the way around the little “lake” in back. But the day was so nice, and the walking so easy, it was fun. The route took us just under two hours. But now that we know its possible, this route will become the gold standard for our Christmas hikes.

Hiking Path


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  1. Martine said,

    wow………. … how I got here, I am not quite sure but will be back to read and send Fred here as well. Thanks for sharing. That is one awsome site.

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