May 23, 2007

Nemio, Here We Come!

Posted in fishing at 10:21 am by Mike Milinkovich

Only three more sleeps until we’re on our way to our annual trip to the Gouin Reservoir and Nemio!

This year should be particularly fun as we have six guys going in total. It’s almost like the old gang is all back together:

  • Yours truly
  • John (Yes I am Italian) Duimovich
  • Jon (Pikemeister) Eschinger
  • Randy (No show) Best
  • Michael (Faucon Bleu) Thomas
  • Kent (Canoe Boy) Johnson

Special mention goes to Jon and Randy for making the trek all the way from Phoenix, AZ for the event.

It’s been a few years since we’ve had this many guys on a trip, so it’s going to be great. To be honest, I was getting tired of John and Jon’s stories…I’d heard them all too many times 😉

P.S. I stayed up and watched the first two periods of the Ducks-Wings game last night. To be honest I think Ottawa is going to win the Cup. Sens in 5 ! I checked and Nemio has satellite TV coverage, so we will be able to see the games while we’re there.
Walleye Catch


May 8, 2007

Thanks, Desperadoes

Posted in hockey at 6:53 am by Mike Milinkovich

Sunday evening was our year-end party and the wrap up of another season of hockey. It’s been a great year with a wonderful group of young men. It would have been nice to win the league championship, but no matter how you look at the year was a success.

For me, how I measure success is pretty simple: how many of the boys are going to play again next year? House league hockey is supposed to be fun as well as competitive. But particularly in this age group, many boys loose interest and stop playing. So the fact that everyone on the team is registered again for next year means that I’ve accomplished my real goal as a coach.

I’ve talked to Ben, and he is willing to put up with another year with his Dad as coach, so I will see you all again at the rink in September!

Tournament Champs

May 1, 2007

Istanbul Visit

Posted in photography, travel at 12:42 am by Mike Milinkovich

So I spent the last couple of days in Istanbul, Turkey to speak at the EclipsIST conference on Monday.

The big event in Istanbul while I was there was the massive demonstration on Sunday. Some pegged the numbers at half a million, others at over a million. But regardless, it was a huge demonstration. Certainly much larger than anything you would ever see in Ottawa 🙂

So what is it like to be in a city with a million-person demonstration? Fairly quiet. Despite spending the entire day out and about the city, I never saw anything out of the ordinary. An interesting lesson about the different between the news we see on TV and the reality on the ground.

Istanbul is a great city. There is tons of history of course. But there are great restaurants, hotels and shopping to be had as well. I dragged my camera along on this trip, so enjoy a sampling of my photos.