May 1, 2007

Istanbul Visit

Posted in photography, travel at 12:42 am by Mike Milinkovich

So I spent the last couple of days in Istanbul, Turkey to speak at the EclipsIST conference on Monday.

The big event in Istanbul while I was there was the massive demonstration on Sunday. Some pegged the numbers at half a million, others at over a million. But regardless, it was a huge demonstration. Certainly much larger than anything you would ever see in Ottawa 🙂

So what is it like to be in a city with a million-person demonstration? Fairly quiet. Despite spending the entire day out and about the city, I never saw anything out of the ordinary. An interesting lesson about the different between the news we see on TV and the reality on the ground.

Istanbul is a great city. There is tons of history of course. But there are great restaurants, hotels and shopping to be had as well. I dragged my camera along on this trip, so enjoy a sampling of my photos.