June 3, 2007

Back from Nemio

Posted in fishing at 8:49 pm by Mike Milinkovich

So we’re all back from Nemio where for the third year in a row we had a great time and some great fishing. There were a few no-miss spots where if you just spent the day there you’d pretty much fill the boat. Jon Eschinger and I spent the last day wandering around up and down the river and still managed to pull in our limit of 16 fish for the day by 5:00pm.

Jigging with leeches was definitely the way to go. We met many a boat who were having trouble getting finicky walleye to bite while we were landing fish regularly. (If you’ve never fished with leeches before, yes it’s kinda icky. But you get used to them quickly and they work!)

John has already posted a great trip report and pics. Hopefully the others who brought cameras will soon be making theirs available as well.

I was particularly lazy with the camera on this trip. The few half decent photos I took have been duly posted.

Da Boys