July 10, 2007

Summer Sci-Fi Reading

Posted in sci fi at 11:28 am by Mike Milinkovich

I’ve been reading Sci-Fi since I was 11 years old. In grade 6, I checked out Robert A. Heinlein’s “Have Spacesuit Will Travel” from the Knoxdale Public School library and became totally hooked. I’ve read just about everything Heinlein ever wrote, and likely ended up with a slightly more libertarian outlook on life as a result.

But I have to admit that my sci-fi reading has been a little stale recently. My usual algorithm of heading to Chapters and finding something that looks interesting has resulted in a couple of real duds lately.

I recently stumbled what looks to be a great list. Marc Andreessen’s top ten sci-fi authors for the 00’s. I ordered five books off of Amazon a few days ago, so I will let you know what I think of his list after I’ve worked my way through a couple of them.

The first ones I picked were:

  1. Old Man’s War
  2. The Last Colony
  3. Rainbow’s End
  4. The Ghost Brigade
  5. Weapons of Choice


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  5. Xander said,

    Hi. Just found your blog and think it’s great. I have a question about your sci-fi reading…have you read any of Michael Moorcock’s Elric sagas? Just curious as to what you think or thought of the series. I, myself, thought it to be absolutely brilliant and am looking forward to dusting them off for another round. I last read these books as a teenager…many moons ago!

    Great job on the blogging and happy reading!!

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