September 17, 2007

Thanks, Pinecrest

Posted in family at 7:53 am by Mike Milinkovich

For the past 10 seasons we have spent our summer months enjoying little league baseball as part of the Pinecrest Little League community. Yesterday was the annual banquet, an end-of-season event of celebration and recognition.
It was a big day for the Milinkovich family, so please allow me a little paternal pride.

Ben won two awards: the Gordon Desclouds Award (sort of MVP) and the Gold Glove. To be honest, he would have been thrilled to be recognized with one. To win two was unprecedented in my memory.

In addition, the Milinkovich family won the George and Mary Fraser Award for outstanding volunteerism over the past 8-9 years at PLL. Here is what it says on the plaque:

Awarded annually to the family that best reflects the “Pinecrest Family” that the Frasers worked tirelessly to foster. A family that contributed significantly of their time with a sense of humour, a sense of purpose and for the benefit of the ‘ball community’.

Although this award goes to the family, let’s face it: this was primarily in recognition of Cathie. She was on the executive of the league as its Treasurer for many years, and was always at the ball park helping for every single tournament during her tenure. She put an amazing number of hours into supporting the league and its community. The standing ovation we got at the banquet was definitely for her.

PLL has been a big part of our lives for the last ten seasons. Both Nick and Ben went through their system and learned a ton about baseball, commitment, sportsmanship and community. In addition to playing, both boys have volunteered and umpired a little.

PLL is a wonderful local institution. It is widely recognized as a family-oriented little league that puts the kids, their families and their development ahead of all other factors. We’ve really enjoyed being part of the Pinecrest “family”. The volunteer work that we’ve done over the years has been worth every moment. As a community-run organization, PLL is definitely one of those things in life where the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Thanks Pinecrest! We will see you at the diamond come spring time.