July 29, 2008

No Surprise There…

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:00 pm by Mike Milinkovich

The Politics Test is set up for Americans, but it seems to work for me too 🙂

You are a
Social Liberal
(78% permissive)

and an…

Economic Conservative
(65% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid.com: Free Online Dating
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test


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  1. Mike Milinkovich (Sr.) said,

    Interesting! We are both Social Liberals (I am 66% permissive)…but I came out as an Economic Liberal (38% permissive) vs you as an Economic Conservative.

    Guess my “change in life” comes about because of my experience as a Mayor…..what one sees in a community and the inequity that abounds tends to make one lean toward more economic liberalism.

    Love, Dad

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