April 16, 2009

US-Canada Hi Speed Rail

Posted in travel at 8:41 pm by Mike Milinkovich

I travel a lot in Europe and love the high speed rail system. In fact, I am sure that I am one of the very few Canadians that hold a Deutsche Bahn 50 frequent rail traveler discount card.

So I thrilled to see that the Obama administration’s announcement today that they’re pushing for a quite complete high speed rail system for the United States. But I got really excited when I noticed the little northern leg on this map. I poked around a little bit, and yes it seems that a high-speed rail corridor is on the plan from Boston to Montreal.

I wonder what this means for a Canadian high-speed plan? If that linked to the often-rumored Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal rail link, that would be very cool.

There is also a link in the Pacific Northwest that goes up to Vancouver. Boy, I bet Bombardier is licking their chops on this opportunity.